Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit Review & Buying Guide

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Do you have a cracked or chipped windshield that needs repair? According to the law in most states, if the windshield crack is in the field of view, it needs repairs or replacement immediately.

At this point you have two options. One, you can replace the entire windshield. Two, if the damage is small enough, you can repair it and save money.

If you decide to replace your entire windshield, you would need to find a local shop that can help you with this task. You can stop reading this article here because the rest of the information provided here is not for you.

If you are considering repairing your windshield crack by your self, then read on.

Type of Windshield Damages RainX Kit Can Help You Repair

Before you buy the RainX windscreen repair kit and set aside the time required for repairs, it’s a god idea to asses the damage and determine if RainX kit can do the repairs.

If you are repairing a crack, measure the crack and make sure it is no longer than 12 inches. If the crack is longer than this, don’t attempt to repair it as it will waste your time and block the crack for further repairs.

If you are repairing a round damage, keep in mind that the diameter of the damage can’t be longer than 1 inch. Due to the structural limitation of this repair kit, it will not push the resin into the cracks far and deep.

Your windshield is made up of a few layers. RainX will only repair the crack that affects one layer and doesn’t go into the second/third layer.

Repair Windshield Sooner Than Later

I have seen a lot of people who leave the crack on their windshield for a very long time. They will not repair it until the crack starts to get bigger and/or spread across the entire field. At this point, it’s too late to do the repair. You will either need to use another special kit for long cracks, or you will need to take the car into a windshield repair shop.

Sometimes the crack/chip will not extend much over time, but it can still become irreparable. The moment your windshield cracks or is chipped, it starts to accumulate water and dirt; they prevent the repair resin from flowing properly into the crack.

Note: Windshield is a structurally integral part of your car. It’s very important to get the long cracks repaired in time.

How Does RainX Windshield Repair Kit Work

This kit makes it very simple to repair cracks. It removes air from the crack and then fills it with a resin that patches the crack and makes it even more stronger.

All this is done using a small assembly of parts provided in the kit.

Contents Of The Kit

  • Bottle of repair resin (1 gram)
  • Repair device
  • Curing strips
  • Razor blade
  • Instruction sheet

Highlights of Windshield Repair Kit

  • Very easy to use! You can repairs cracks in minutes.
  • It works on all kinds of windshields (laminated and others).
  • Once repairs, the chips and cracks will not spread further.
  • You can use it for multiple repairs. The kit contains resin for at least 5 repairs.
  • Resin quality is amazing!

Other Resources

If you have a crack or chip longer then what this kit can repair, you can try other kits designed to repair them. Head over to our main page where you can find excellent windshield repair kits that are reviewed by us.


Do windshield repair kits work?

Yes they do. You should first assess the damage and get a kit that’s capable of repairing the type of damage. If you have a long crack in your windshield, try not to repair it with Rain-X windshield repair kit, as it will not do the job.
Rain-x repair kit is only capable of repairing round damage that’s about 1 inch in diameter or a long crack less than 12 inches long.
If you clean the crack as instructed and then apply the resin, the kit should do a good job.

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