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How to Clean Sticky and Dusty Car Dashboard Using Natural and Commercial Products

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When you and the people accompanying you sit in your car, what’s the first thing that gets noticed? The cleanliness of your car. In particular, the focus goes straight to the dashboard because it’s right in front of everyone’s eyes. It’s important to keep it clean and is very easy to do so. In this article we are going to look at how you can clean sticky and dusty car dashboard using natural and commercially available products.

Why You Should Clean Sticky and Dusty Car Dashboard

Because your car dashboard is right in front of you and your passengers, it is one of the first areas where dirt, stains, and other grime accumulation can be seen. You may have found that many of the items on the market for commercially prepared dashboard cleaning rely on chemicals that may be unsafe.

In addition, some of these chemicals can potentially affect the appearance of your dashboard over the long term. For example, silicone-based cleaners dye some dashboards yellow. With each option customized to the material from which your dashboard is made, all-natural, eco-friendly homemade alternatives will ease all your fears while maintaining the appearance of your car in top condition.

It can sufficiently lift away all but the hardest grime and debris on your car’s dashboard by merely dipping a soft rag in clean tap water. It is also soft enough for all forms of dashboard fabrics.

Start on one end of the dashboard and make your way to the other side to avoid losing any spots. After you’ve washed the rest of the dashboard, neglected areas of dust and debris will become exceptionally visible.

For spot touch-ups between more specific data, dust a clean, dry rag on the dashboard. Using microfiber fabrics with the best performance.

When the trash continues to pile up and your console gets dusty, it’s time to clean the interior of your car. You may find that after it has been wiped, washed, and vacuumed, your car is still not looking as good as you expected. In order to give your car what it needs, you will need to wipe your dashboard, without scraping it or leaving streaky residue.

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How to Get Rid of Car Dashboard Dust

Isn’t it irritating to see that there’s still dust on it, no matter how hard you try to scrub the car dashboard? Nothing seems to be more prevalent inside the car than the dust in the dashboard field, whether you are driving around town with your windows up or down.

Dust from the dashboard is like the dust collected inside the vehicle everywhere. The naked eye cannot see it, but the dust you see on the dashboard is basically the same dust that is trapped between the back seat and the molding of the carpet or between the covers of the car seat.

How to Clean Vinyl, Plastic, and Rubber Dashboards

You will need to use a mild soap on a dashboard with pieces made from vinyl, plastic, or rubber. Wet the cloth with microfiber and spray the soap directly on the cloth. Thoroughly wash your dash with a soapy cloth made of microfiber. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush or paintbrush with the soap to enter crevices and places more difficult to reach, such as air vents, to gently clean the area.

You can make an all-natural dashboard cleaner out of household goods for harder stains. Mix 3 teaspoons of bleach, 1⁄2 teaspoon of detergent, and 1⁄2 teaspoon of oil-based soap with 2 cups of water. You should spray this paste, let it sit for a minute, and clean it off with a moist microfiber cloth, straight onto the dirtier spots of your dashboard.

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How to Clean Leather Dashboards

Leather dashboards are a little more sensitive to chemical cleaners and soaps that dry out the leather, generate cracks and dull its appearance. Using just a wet, microfiber cloth can get the job done if your leather dashboard only needs a simple and basic cleaning.

Using a wet microfiber cloth with either an oil-based soap, such as Castile soap, or a non-alkaline leather cleaner to clean the leather dashboard absolutely. Again, use a toothbrush or paintbrush with soft bristles to clean harder to reach areas.

The gentle soap solution for vinyl, plastic, and rubber helps you to clean non-leather specifics and portions of your dash, such as vent covers.

Don’t Forget the Details

Cleaning your steering wheel, glass dash cover, radio system, gear shift, and the center console is necessary as well. Wipe down this information depending on what content they are made off with the accompanying dashboard cleaners. Wipe off with a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth for your radio and glass cover to prevent streaking, glare, and dust residues from paper towels.

You should even let the dashboard cleaners soak in the filthy cup holder on your center console for five minutes. After that, with a towel, you can soak up the residue and rinse with a wet microfiber rag.

A little kitchen oil will make your dashboard look as fresh as it did the day you pushed it out of the lot. Olive oil but really any kind of oil will do, whether it’s an olive, vegetable or coconut oil.

How to Clean Your Car Dashboard with Olive Oil

To clear any dirt, grime, or dust that’s built up over time, first, give your dashboard a fast dusting. Then only add a tiny amount and wipe down your dashboard on a clean, soft rag. Next, try this out on a small unnoticeable surface to guarantee that there is no discoloration and that you are satisfied with the outcome. When conditioning the surface of your dashboard, natural oils will actively preserve shine while also helping avoid cracking and fading caused by UV rays.

Some car dashboards are surfaced with leather, specifically in mid-and high-end luxury vehicles.

Keep away from dashboard cleaners that contain “natural” ingredients, such as alcohol, that dry the leather, dull the luster and cause cracks. Use a non-natural Castile cleaner instead, which is a soap based on olive oil, and a wet rag in your vehicle to scrub leather dashboards and all leather upholstery. To improve the glow and shine of your dashboard naturally after washing, apply a few drops of walnut oil or olive oil to a rag and buff the dashboard with it using circular movements.

Don’t Forget to Polish the Dashboard After Cleaning

After it’s been cleaned, polishing the dashboard is a perfect way to give it a little extra shine while still shielding it from wear and tear. You should obtain some polish for the car dashboard and add some on a microfiber cloth. Prior to submitting all over, do a spot search. Wipe the polish all over your dash surface, adding more as needed to the fabric. Afterward, scrub the dash with a clean, dry microfiber cloth one more time to clear away any debris.

By using coconut and olive oil, you may also obtain the same effects. Do a spot test again, wipe the oil on the dash, and use a dry microfiber cloth to go back over. This will help to secure your dashboard, condition it, and polish it.

Now you have a brand new looking car interior!

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