best microfiber towel for car detailing

Best Microfiber Towels for Auto Detailing

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Microfiber towels are perfect for auto detailing jobs as they remove the dust and absorb the water very well. There are many kinds of microfiber towels with varying qualities that are out in the market. In this article, we are going to help you pick the best microfiber towel for cleaning your car.

What Are Microfiber Towels?

Microfiber towels are a polyester and polyamide blend. These goods have an interlocking composition that tends to pick up soil from the material. Because of the multiple surface stresses, the two fibers break as used. This produces hooks or edges that trap soil in tiny holes and store it. This is why, by using microfiber towels, chemicals are not necessary.

Microfiber towels are towels made of a special fiber blend, typically polyester combined with polyamide or some other sort of nylon fiber. The manufacturing of the polyester and nylon blend used for the towel cloth simply makes the microfiber highly absorbent, unlike microfiber goods that are designed to repel moisture.

In order to create material for microfiber towels, the composition of the individual fibers has to be changed. This includes the ends of each fiber in the weave being severed or separated. The substance stays water-repellant when the fibers are not separated, which will not fit well for drying off after a shower. However, the fibers become extremely absorbent when the splitting activity happens. As a result, with the same ease as any cotton terry towel, the microfiber towel is able to absorb water and other liquids.

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Why are Microfiber Towels Perfect for Auto Detailing

Listed below are only some of the reasons why microfiber towels are perfect for auto detailing jobs.

  • Microfiber towels are perfect for Removing Polish, Wax, or Sealants from Your Vehicle
  • Buffing Vehicle Surfaces, as well as Chrome Wheels, Metal Trim, Windows and Mirrors
  • Safe & Effective for Interior Surfaces: Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Carpet, Metal, Wood and many more.

The microfiber towel is also extremely soft to the touch, along with the ability to rapidly and efficiently absorb water. The explanation for this performance is the denier of the content itself. Denier is a cloth scale used to describe a fiber’s fineness; the lower the denier, the finer the fiber, basically. The individual microfiber fibers are many times finer than even human hair and thus have an incredibly low denier. The low-denier microfiber has an unusually soft feel when spun, and is much softer than polished silk.

Its durability is what makes the microfiber towel highly appealing. Microfiber material ages at a much slower rate than cotton or other natural fabrics, although it is highly flexible and absorbent. This ensures that a microfiber towel is expected to last twice as well and perhaps longer as a well-made cotton towel. The towels maintain a clean and fresh look longer and thus do not have to be refreshed as often.

Terry (cotton) and microfiber are the two key types of towels dominating the car care market. Yet, choosing the best match can differ in a nearly infinite variety of sizes, forms, thicknesses, textures, colors and designs, often involving a little bit of trial and error.

While terry towels have been a common option over the years for their resilience and flexibility, due to their impressive absorbency, endurance and ability to maximize efficiency in crucial areas of the washing cycle, microfiber is increasingly becoming the top pick for many carwash and detailing centers.

However, while microfiber towels in many situations help to improve the productivity of a wash/detail operation, if they are not properly laundered and maintained, they will easily lose their efficiency and make them practically worthless to the car care sector.

To ensure you get a quality cleaning job from your microfiber towel, we recommend you get the premium quality which is usually 480-600 GSM.

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Korean Microfiber Towels are Perfect for Auto Cleaning

When it comes to auto detailing, Korean microfiber towels are the golden standard. Korean microfiber towels are very soft, they absorb the water very well, and also last a long time. These are perfect fit for auto detailing shops as they use them very often. Such towels are usually around 480-600 GSM.

How Can You Wash Microfiber Towel?

For starters, microfiber towels should be washed in cold or warm water noting that the temperature should never exceed around 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Microfiber towels must always be washed separately from other fabrics and materials, especially cotton towels. 

Moreover, whenever the fibers of a microfiber fabric brush together, it produces a static charge. The static charge increases the potential of the fabric to clean even further, since soil particles are attracted by the charge.

Microfiber cloths have a surface area of around four times that of cotton cloths of the same size. This additional surface area makes it easier to brush up and remove more grime from the fabric.

  • You should use cold water to wash your microfiber towels. Washing the towel in too hot water can greatly affect the way it performs and too hot of water could possibly overheat the fibers.
  • Towels with heat and microfiber do not mix well. On high heat, drying them ruins the polyester in the microfiber. This, as used, will lead to scratches and other damage to the car paint.

Microfiber towels are usually good for short details. With a soft wash, easy detailing includes removing mud, prints, and water stains. It is quick to detail with a microfiber towel-wet the car simply with a washing spray and scrub. Note to scrub in a single direction, however, before all clear dirt and grime vanishes.

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Can You Clean Microfiber Towels with Vinegar?

If you think the dirty microfiber towel contains wax, it’s best to wash them with vinegar as well. You want to use a regular detergent and add one and half cup of white vinegar. This will ensure that the wax is remove properly and the detergent will remove the vinegar smell.

How are Microfiber Towels Different from Other Type of Towels?

In microfiber towels, the fibers are so thin that they are around 1/100th the thickness of human hair. Their polyester and polyamide mix makes them incredibly soft and non-abrasive, along with their tiny fiber size.

Microfiber towels are more effective at washing than regular towels. As their name suggests, their “micro” fibers are so thin that they can grip and carry soil away from the vehicle’s surface onto the towel. When they are rubbed over the floor of a vehicle, regular towels made of fabrics such as cotton will usually only scatter dirt out.

When thousands of their tiny fibers soak up and extract liquid from the surface of a vehicle, microfiber towels are highly absorbent. In water, microfiber can absorb eight times its weight. This makes microfiber towels an outstanding option without leaving any water marks for drying a car. They do not only absorb huge quantities of moisture, but they dry very rapidly as well.

Microfiber towels are designed specifically for car detailing and are 100% paint safe. Their edgeless design has no rough edges to scratch your vehicle and are having high density.

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