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How Much Does a Windshield Chip Repair Cost?

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Windshield chip repair cost is determined by the size of the chip on your windshield. It also depends on how you choose to proceed with the repair. If you are going to be repairing the windshield all by yourself, then it won’t cost you much. If you are getting it done by a professional, then it can cost you around a hundred dollars or more.

Personally, I prefer to do it myself if the chip is not big. You just need a good sunny weather and an hour or so of free time to do the repair.

Repair the Windshield Chip by Yourself!

Windshields chips are usually small enough to be repaired at home. The process of repairing isn’t very complex either. You just need to purchase a small windshield repair kit, follow the easy instructions that are provided with it, and that’s it. You don’t really need to have any technical knowledge to perform the repair. You just need to have the ability to follow instruction. All the tools are provided with the kit.

Professional Repair Costs More

If you feel uncomfortable doing the repair by yourself, you can always take your car to your local auto glass repair shop. Those guys have been doing this kind of work for years and they know what to do. Actually, they are going to be doing the same thing as your would, if you had the kit. They use the same tools and same resin for the job. He only difference is that they will charge you a lot more. For that price, you could repair 20 more chips by yourself.

Whether you choose to do the repair yourself, or hire a professional to do it for you, depends on your personal preference. You should make a choice that suits you the best. When you go with a professional, it is hassle free. You pay the money, and let them take care of them rest. You won’t have to worry about anything yourself. When you decide to do the windshield chip repair yourself, you have to make a few decision. Decision such as what kit to use, how to do the repair, and following along all the way. This is not a bad option if you like learning new things. If I was to repair chip damage, I would always go with a kit and do it myself. Doesn’t hurt to try, and the kits are super easy to use.

We Have Selected The Best Repair Kits For You!

If you have decide to do the windshield chip repair yourself, you must be wondering which kit you should choose. Don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you. If you go over to our homepage, you will see a list of some of the best windshield repair kits that are available out in the market.

We have selected these kits based on the quality, quality of resin, quality of repair, price, ease of use, user ratings, and many other factors. They have received positive review by a lot of people who have used them in the past. I would suggest that you explore the list to find the one that fits your needs.

Select the Right Windshield Chip Repair Kit

On our homepage there are many kits listed for you to consider. However, they have different purposes. Some are for smaller damages, and other are for medium to large crack repairs. You first need to determine the size and type of damage your windshield has suffered, and then pick the kit accordingly. If it’s a chip damage, pick the kit to repair chip. If it’s a crack, long or short, pick a kit designed for that purpose. Simple isn’t it?

Windshield chip repair cost can be minimized if you choose the right kit. This is the preferred option over professional repair. It is very important that you repair the chip damage before it spreads further and cracks your entire windshield.

Weather is Important for Some Chip Repair Kits

It’s important to note, if you are repairing the chips by yourself with a kit, that the weather plays a great role. As you might know, most kits come with a resin that you need to apply to the chip damage. This resin is a chemical formulation that needs sunlight to set in. Most repairs kit instruct that you apply the resin and leave the car in direct sunlight for a set amount of time.

If you live in an area that doesn’t get much sunlight, or are currently going through the winter weather, you may need a UV light. UV light can cure the repair resin just the way sunlight does. So once again, grab the right kit for your needs and give it a shot. Do let us know how it works out for you in the comments below.


How much should it cost to repair a dime sized crack?

It can cost anywhere from $20-$50 to repair a dime sized crack. It all depends on the difficulty and time required to finish the repairs. For cracks that have accumulated lots of dirt, it takes extra time to clean it thoroughly, create a vacuum and apply resin.
The cost is reduced significantly if you are able to repair the crack by yourself. You can use a DIY windshield repair kit to easily complete the repair at home.

Do automotive garages do windshield repairs and replacements?

Not all garages do. It’s best to call them ahead of time to confirm. If you look around, you can find a lot of places that specialize in replacing automotive glass.

Where can one purchase a windshield repair kit?

Windshield repair kit can be purchased online. You may go to our homepage and see a list of windshield repairs kits that we recommend.
You may also purchase a repair kit from your local automotive store.

Is there a cheap windshield repair service?

It’s best to call your local glass repairs shops to get a quote and determine the price. We have found the DIY option to be the cheapest for repairing windshield.

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