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What to Know Before Getting Car Window Tinting

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People like to get their car windows tinted for many reasons. Some do it just to make their cars look visually appealing, while others do it for safety reasons. Protection from ultraviolet rays is one such reason. There are many other reasons which make people buy car window tinting.

Car window tinting is great, but there are some things you need to be aware of. Automobile window tinting is expensive, so you might want to know all the factors that affect the tint job before you go buy one.

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Know the Laws of Your State

Before you can even think of getting a tint job, you need to check the state laws regarding windows tinting. You don’t want to be breaking any laws and getting yourself in trouble. Check and make sure what kind of laws are in place; it’d be inspection or police-enforced law.

The percentage of tint you can get for your vehicle varies. This is based on the model of your vehicle and also the type of mirror you are tinting. Lower percentages are usually allowed on the back mirrors, but check and make sure what is allowed. Usually the tinting shops know about the regulations, but don’t rely on them. Do your own research.

Another thing you should know is that there are different laws for older vehicle. Yes, it’s true. Some older vehicles are allowed to have lower percentage (20%), while the newer ones are set for 70% by default

Nowadays, most cars already come with about 70% tint when they are sent out in the market. There are states have strict laws about window tinting, but cops usually don’t bother you unless the tint is less than 20% or something.

Quality of Window Film is Important

Know that you know what percentage of tint is allowed by your state, next step is getting the window tinted. Next decision you need to make is whether you want a cheap and low quality window film, or a high quality one?

This can be tricky, because low and high quality window films both look the same at the beginning. But overtime, you will start to note the differences between the two. Cheap one will start to get purplish, fade-out, get all “bubbly”, and wear out. That would leave your windshield looking all messy.

If you are planning to keep your car for a while, let’s say more than a year, I’d suggest you go for high quality film. Ask different shops and question them about the quality. See if they offer your any guarantee.

SunTech, 3M, Llumar, and Solar Gard make durable films that come with guarantee. See if you can get those. They will last you for a long time and won’t fade out, or change appearance in any other way.

Get a Professional to Install

Here’s at DailyAutoCare, we often encourage people to do things themselves. Doing it yourself can save you time, money, help you learn something new, and feel good. However, I won’t recommend window tinting all by yourself; especially if you have never done it before. If you have an old vehicle, that you can afford to mess up, then go for it.

Installing window tint is a skill that comes with time. Get a professional to do it for you. When the tint is installed, look for specs and other dirt under the film. If you see anything there, get them to fix it for you before you drive away. When the film is dry, it will be so much harder to get it fixed.

I hope the information in this article helped you understand somewhat about car window tinting. If you have any question, do let us know via the comments below. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for all this great information about window tinting! I really like your point about windows can only be tinted a certain percentage and I need to look up the requirements locally. That is good to know since my husband and I want to tint our windows this next month. I’ll be sure to keep in mind the percentage when I do my research to find the best contractor to do the job. We have 3 cars and understand that it would be worth it to pay a professional and make sure it’s done right the first time.

  2. I love the information thank you so much. I was a little overwhelmed about getting my tinting on but now feel so much better i have educated myself thanks to you.

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